Our Black Girl Unlost, Mikeona Johnson.

Our Black Girl Unlost, Mikeona Johnson.

Here at Everything Ebony we are passionate about the advocation for black women. In our personal lives we are very active in terms of speaking on behalf of black women who are no longer able to speak for themselves. In our pursuit to merge our personal passions with our platform we have collaborated with one of our favorite Youtube Channels BlackGirlUnLOST. 

"BlackGirlUnLOST spotlights the injustices of girls and women of color who have tragically loss their lives through senseless violence. 

Their stories deserve to be TOLD...UNFORGOTTEN...and UNLOST."


You can subscribe to the BlackGirlUnLOST Youtube channel here.

As black women with a platform we feel as if it is our duty to help shine a light on the ignored injustices that black women too often receive. That is why we have partnered with BlackGirlUnLOST to donate one month of our earnings to the family of one the victims. 

For the month of september any purchase made in our store using the discount code Blackgirlunlost will be donated to the Mikeona Foundation. 

Mikeona Johnson was just 23 years old when she went missing last September 9th. She went out for food the night of September 9th and she was never seen alive again. After countless days of her family frantically searching the streets for her with little help from the LAPD, she was found murdered in the backseat of her car. There have been no leads, or answers as to what happened to her. And after just six short months the LAPD closed the investigation leaving her case cold. Mikeona's mother started the Mikeona Foundation in honor of her late daughter. The foundation focuses on aiding and shedding a light on the silent suffering of abused women. 

According to her family Mikeona was a beautiful soul, and an amazing mother to her two daughters.

Please click here to hear the story of Mikeona Johnson, created by BlackGirlUnLOST.

This month we are remembering Mikeona and everything that she was, still is, and could have been had her life not been taken from her. 

Every purchase made this month using the 15% off discount code Blackgirlunlost will be donated to the Mikeona Foundation. 

#NoJusticeNoPeace #JusticeForMikeona #MikeonaMonth