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Today we will discuss our famous Flaxseed Defining Curling Custard. We will uncover the ingredients that make this gel so nourishing and curl defining as well as discuss how to properly use the gel.

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Our Flaxseed Defining Curling Custard is a beautiful blend of Aloe Vera gel, flaxseed gel, castor oil, and glycerin. Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enzymes which helps to repair hair as well as scalp skin cells. Aloe Vera is a fantastic conditioner and helps to aid in hair growth and it exterminates dandruff. Next is the flaxseed gel. Flaxseed gel is rich in Fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids, this bomb combo will improve your hairs elasticity as well as strengthen your hair strand at its core. Flaxseed gel is known to reduce frizz, reduces breakage and combats split ends. Now, let's move on to the world's oldest hair remedy, castor oil. Castor oil which comes from castor beans has many benefits such as strengthening hair strands and promoting hair growth. Castor oil also helps to decrease breakage and increase flexibility of hair by lubricating the hair shaft. And finally, we are moving on to glycerin which is my personal favorite ingredient. Glycerin has a multitude of benefits for hair. So, we'll list off a few of those benefits. Glycerin is one of the best humectants which offers your hair health and hydration, it removes split ends, promotes hair growth, conditions hair, repairs hair, and eliminates itching. All of these ingredients come together to form a beautiful curl defining gel that your hair can be proud of. 

Now that we've explored the ingredients, allow us to properly explain to you how to use our Flaxseed Defining Curling Custard. 

First begin on conditioned, moisturized hair. Our Hempseed & Coconut Leave In Conditioner would be an excellent moisturizer to use to prepare your hair for defining. If you want extra moisture and definition, use our Marshmallow Root Curling Smoothie to give your hair hydration and more definition before proceeding with the gel. After your hair has been properly hydrated section your hair whichever way is necessary for your hair style. Scoop a dime sized amount of the Flaxseed Defining Curling Custard into the palm of your hand. And yes, we literally mean a dime sized amount. Because this custard has excellent slip, all you need is a dime sized amount for the section of hair you're working on. Using more than a dime sized amount may cause light flaking. So please be sure to use the correct amount depending on the section of hair you're working on. Rub your palms together to activate the ingredients and gently finger comb the gel through your hair until your strands have noticeably absorbed the product. Finally, style as desired and follow up with our Chebe & Olive Oil Sealing Hair Butter to prevent a crunchie style. And that's it, you're done!

Thank you so much for reading and being a part of this beautiful community, we truly appreciate all of you! 

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